A Galaxy Awaits

We’re building a universe; The Luminal Universe. An NFT  project on the Ethereum blockchain, that brings together rich science fiction lore, beautiful artwork, and an incredible community spirit.






Hand drawn traits




444 x Genesis NFTs

Luminal Genesis is a collection of 444 alien worlds by established web3 artist, nprussell. The NFT acts as a FREE mint pass to Luminal Universe. A Luminal Genesis NFT also acts as a FREE mint pass to all of nprussell’s future work, and holders will benefit from a royalty share for Luminal Universe & future project phases.


The Luminal Collections

The Luminal Project consists of two main collections, and a complimentary collection for Genesis holders.

Genesis Collection

444 AI x Artist Alien worlds that make up the Luminal Galaxy. Holding the Genesis NFT acts as a free mint pass to the Luminal Universe collection, and any of nprussell’s future drops. 

Luminal Universe

Luminal Universe is phase 2 of the Luminal project: a collection of 1444 PFP NFTs, made up of three species of lifeform that exist within the territories and lore of the original collection’s 444 Genesis worlds. Coming soon.

AI Everyday

AI Everyday is a continuation of the Genesis collection’s AI artstyle. Each piece is a 1:1, dropped daily to the wallet holder of a random Luminal Genesis world, entirely for free. 

Short-Term Roadmap

Phase 1 

Luminal Genesis

In June 2022, we launched our 444 x Genesis Collection via stealth mint. The collection minted out in 92 seconds, and very quickly hit 100 ETH volume traded on Opensea. Shortly after reveal, the collection was verified on Opensea. Luminal Genesis holders will benefit from all future Luminal phases.


Luminal Universe

After the successful launch of Luminal Genesis, our attention has turned to what was always intended to be the ‘main’ project; Luminal Universe. A Luminal Universe NFT is required for what comes next in phase 3. The artist for this project is primarily TheArtistSpud (Cets on Creck artist); with backgrounds and creative direction by nprussell. 

IMG_7532 (1)

Phase 3

Luminal Galaxy

Our phase 3 utility will begin with a community-based, interactive live story, built around and expanding upon the Luminal lore, paired with an interactive online galaxy map. We plan to expand and grow this over time, factoring in planet’s resources, trade, faction politics, individual character events and more. Your Luminal Universe NFT will be your pass to participate, and holding a Genesis NFT will compliment it. 



About the founder


nprussell is an established artist, well known in the web3 community for creating the artwork for Llamaverse. The experience and knowledge he’s acquired since joining the Llamaverse team in November 2021 has heavily contributed to the successful launch of Luminal Genesis. 

Art is his passion, and how he unwinds. Luminal is very much a passion project, born out of a coming together of his two favourite hobbies; NFTs and creativity.